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Wood Floor Finish


NATURE is the latest eco-friendly wood floor finish added to our range of high quality seals and finishes.

NATURE is the look for wood floors that nature intended!

Gives super flat matt appearance and adds the warmth, texture and colour enhancement normally associated with wax, oil and solvent based finishes

Nature is a unique blend of linseed oil based resins and is made from 85% renewable resources.

Nature contains zero VOC’s and zero solvents and the innovative packaging is fully recyclable, in accordance with local authority guidelines.

Easy to apply, 2 coat roller application


Apply only to correctly sanded bare wood floors. Use a final grade of sandpaper/disc of 120-150grit. Ensure all traces of sanding dust are removed from the floor. Nature is a 2-coat roller applied system without the need for a primer coat. However, using a suitable primer may reduce any grain raising and may further enhance the natural wood colour. Barrier Seal is suggested for this purpose. Normal room conditions are 20ºC and 65% relative humidity. A minimum floor temperature of 12ºC must be observed during application.


1st Coat: SHAKE THE BOX VERY WELL PRIOR TO USE. Using only a suitable roller, apply the first coat of Nature evenly, taking care to avoid puddles or accumulations of Nature on the floor. Maintain a wet edge to help prevent overlap marks. Apply Nature to an area of 3 – 4m² at a time. Once dry, (approx. 1 – 2 hours), if necessary lightly remove any raised grain using a fine grade 150-180 grit mesh disc/paper. Ensure all traces of dust are removed from the floor.

2nd Coat: Again, using only a suitable roller, apply a second coat of Nature in the same way as the first – you will find the first coat of Nature will have reduced the porosity of the floor and therefore the second coat will achieve a greater coverage than the first – this is normal. Allow to dry for 2 – 3 hours.

Your floor can sustain light foot traffic after 8 hours and will be completely cured after 5 days. Wet cleaning of the floor and the laying of rugs/matting is only permissible after this time.

MAINTENANCE: E-Zee Wood Floor Cleaner is recommended for floor maintenance but should only be used once full cure has been reached.

COVERAGE: 1 st coat approx. 8m² per litre / 2nd coat 10m² per litre.
Therefore, 4.5 litres should be sufficient to treat room size of approximately 20m² .


1st coat approximately 1 – 2 hours
2nd coat approximately 2 – 3 hours
Light foot traffic after 8 hours; fully cured after 5 days

PACK SIZE: 4.5 litres (bag in a box design)

STORAGE: In original sealed packaging – 12 months (frost free). Store in cool, dry place.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for full health and safety information

If you wish to view the MSDS data, enter your details on our downloads page.