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Wood Floor Finish

CLASSIC wood floor finish is an extremely versatile wood floor finish designed for specifiers and professional contractors looking to achieve a blend of high performance, ease of use and first class appearance, whilst also taking into consideration the advantages to both contractors and end users of fast drying times, low odours and other environmental factors required in today’s ever changing flooring market.

Classic offers many varying benefits including:

  • Superb wood colour enhancement
  • Extremely easy to apply – excellent leveling & defoaming
  • Single pack formulation – precrosslinked
  • Available in Gloss, Silk, Satin and Matt
  • UV stable – non yellow formulation
  • Very low VOC
  • Extremely durable
  • Fast drying – approximately 1 hour
  • Rapid hardness development
  • Excellent scuff and scratch resistance
  • Good elasticity - Duroelastic
  • Excellent all-round wood floor finish. Ideal for use in commercial, retail or domestic premises due to its wide ranging performance characteristics
  • For use on new and refurbished wood floors


  • It is important that operatives are conversant with all aspects of procedures prior to commencing work.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation on site at all times throughout procedure.
  • Please note that grit grades are offered as a guide only and operatives must ensure that the grit grades are suitable for the particular job and that a sufficient ‘key’ is created to enable good adhesion of the finish at any stage.
  • For best results, floor should be sanded back to bare wood. Normally new or refurbished hard/soft wood floors should be final sanded with 120 grit sandpaper or 100grit sand screen discs in order to obtain a smooth surface.
  • Filling of cracks or joints should be carried out prior to final sanding. Filler Resin is recommended for this purpose.
  • All dust and debris should then be removed by vacuum and ‘tack-rag’ method.

Please note: On refurbishment of floor potentially contaminated with traditional wax deposits, or reclaimed flooring with unknown history of previous applications, the sanded surface should be initially treated with 1 or 2 coats of Barrier Seal prior to over coating with Classic. The use of Barrier Seal will affect wood colour. Please contact our office, your representative or supplier for advice.

Previously finished or factory finished floors which are to be recoated should be thoroughly cleaned and suitably abraded to form a good 'key'. Micro bevels must also be cleaned and abraded. Make dust free by vacuuming and ‘tack-rag’ method. Please note: It is recommended that trials are undertaken to determine the suitability of this finish on previously finished surfaces.


Room temperatures below 10°C, above 30°C and extremes of humidity during application will affect the quality and performance of the finish and should be avoided or prevented against wherever possible. If any doubt exists as to the suitability of this finish for your site, please contact our office, your area representative or supplier for advice before commencing work.

Apply first coat of Classic evenly using a suitable applicator and pad. Padco Applicators are recommended, although good quality rollers or brushes may also be used. Take care in application to avoid creating puddles or ridges of finish which will detract from the overall appearance.

When first coat of Classic is dry (approximately 1 – 2 hours dependant on temperature*) the floor may need to be abraded between coats using 150grit sand screen disc in order to remove raised grain and prove a satisfactory surface for further coats of finish to adhere.

Apply subsequent coats in the same manner as the first, taking care to avoid drips or puddles of finish, which will detract from the overall appearance. Allow final coat of finish to harden for approximately 12 hours prior to light usage


Drying time: Approximately 1 hour (at 20°C/50% RH)*.
Curing time: Light traffic = 12 hours Full cure = 72 hours
Coverage: For best results coverage should be 14sm per litre ( 70sm per 5 litres). This coverage rate is offered as a guide only as surface porosity will vary.
Sheen level: Available in GLOSS (ful gloss,) SILK (mid sheen) SATIN (low sheen) MATT (very low sheen)
Finishing spec: Over coating existing floors* * = 2 coats
Sanded floors = 3 – 4 coats
General traffic areas = 3 coats
Heavy traffic = 4 coats

Pack Size: 5 litre containers
Storage: Do not freeze. Store between 10°C and 30°C
Shelf life: Unopened container – 12 months from date of dispatch. For best results opened containers should be used immediately.
Health & Safety: For product health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet.
Maintenance: When cured (minimum 5 days) maintenance program can be implemented.

* Please note that drying and curing times may be extended or reduced dependent on site conditions. This may, in some circumstances, affect the overall appearance if not properly addressed.

** Trial thoroughly before use to ensure compatibility and adhesion**

If you wish to view the MSDS data, enter your details on our downloads page.

The information provided herein is correct to the best of our knowledge. No liability for any errors or opinions is accepted. You should satisfy yourself before applying any of the information contained herein to your particular circumstances. A.D Goddard Products Limited can accept no responsibility for any loss as a result of any person placing reliance on any information contained herein.

A.D.GODDARD cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of this product if used in areas subjected to severe abrasion, i.e. broken glass or impact damage. Prospective users should therefore satisfy themselves by appropriate trials that the product to be used is suitable for the intended purpose.