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Barrier Seal

Specialist Priming Coat


BARRIER SEAL is a specialist primer designed specifically for use on all types of hardwood strip, block and mosaic flooring, as well as softwood and hardwood.

BARRIER SEAL is an extremely versatile product and offers many benefits to the specifier/user:

  • Designed for use over floors previously treated with solvent based wax polishes to prevent potential rejections of floor finish.
  • Excellent colour enhancement of all types of hardwood and softwood flooring, providing real depth and beauty, particularly when used in conjunction with or Aquacoat Super polyurethane finish.
  • Extremely fast drying and recoating time.
  • Minimises grain raising on new or refurbished open grained wood.
  • May be used to stabilise spirit based wood stains prior to finishing or waxing (trial before use).
  • It is also recommended that Barrier Seal is used as a precautionary measure on reclaimed wood that has been machine sanded.


Please note: It is important to check that the moisture content of reclaimed timber is acceptable prior to application of Barrier Seal.


It is important that operatives are conversant will all aspects of procedures prior to commencing work. Ensure adequate ventilation at all times throughout procedure.



PLEASE NOTE: Barrier Seal is compatible with all AD Goddard floor finishes except Glossguard, Aquaguard and Gloss-stone. Barrier Seal cannot be used as a final floor finish.


To prepare floors which have been previously waxed please refer to our data sheet “Recommended Procedure to Prepare and Refinish Waxed Wooden Floors”. An alternative to this procedure would be to have the floor machine sanded.

PLEASE NOTE: Even after sanding, heavily wax impregnated wood floors will require an application of Barrier Seal.

Temperatures below 10°C during application will affect the quality and performance of the seal and should be avoided wherever possible. Similarly, extremely hot conditions will affect performance. If any doubts exist as to the suitability of site conditions, please contact our office or your local representative for advice.
When preparation is complete and the floor is thoroughly clean and dry, apply one coat of Barrier Seal using a wax applicator and pad. Ensure all areas of the floor are covered, working with the grain where applicable. A second coat of Barrier Seal may be required depending on history of wax impregnation.
Overcoating with an AD Goddard floor finish can be carried out after approximately one hour.

DRYING TIME: Touch dry in 10 – 15 minutes. Recoat time approximately 1 hour at 20°C Room Temperature/50% Relative Humidity. Ensure adequate ventilation at all times.

COVERAGE: 50 –80m² per 5 litre. This coverage rate is offered as a guide only as surface porosity will vary.

PACK SIZE: 5 litre containers

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from frost. Temperatures below 10°C and above 40°C should be avoided.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months from date of dispatch (unopened containers).

HEALTH & SAFETY: For health and safety information on this product, please refer to our Material Health & Safety Data Sheets.

If you wish to view the MSDS data, enter your details on our downloads page.

The information provided herein is correct to the best of our knowledge. No liability for any errors or opinions is accepted. You should satisfy yourself before applying any of the information contained herein to your particular circumstances. AD Goddard wax Products can accept no responsibility for any loss as a result of any persons placing reliance on any information contained herein.