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When the areas to be cleaned get a little bigger, and quite often the time available gets a little shorter, this is the moment when practical TT4550S innovation comes into its own. With plenty of surplus power available within the standard motor and transmission design we have been able to enlarge the brush size and increase the operating efficiency whilst still maintaining a machine that is exceptionally easy to use. Water capacity is up by 33% and the cleaning path by 20% over the 3450 size and yet to use the machine you would never know. The 4550 has all the classic practical features of the smaller machines with its full stainless steel chassis, heavy duty motor and gearbox, powerful TwinFlo' suction system, polyform water tanks, efficient semi-parabolic, polyurethane collection system and fully adjustable operating handle and control centre.


Brush Motor Power 1500 W
Vacuum Motor Power 1200 W
Diameter 550 mm
Speed 50Hz=150rpm
Capacity 40 L
Cleaning Range 26.8 m
Weight 68 kg
Size 1150x1110x850mm