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The new 6652 traction machine is truly a careful balance of existing design criteria and a wealth of new and improved technology, all designed to produce handling and operational standards second to none. The low level, stainless steel chassis provides a sound foundation for a choice of 100Ahr or 200Ahr 24V power supply with their own fully integrated charging system. This is complimented throughout by a powerful series of drive and suction motors providing up to 3.5 hrs of robust operation from a single 8 hour charge. With the user in full control of the operating speeds in both forward and reverse directions, the machine can be individually programmed to suit a whole range of environments to ensure optimum results.

Specifications TTB6652T

Brush Motor Power 2x24V 400 W
Vacuum Motor Power 24V 400 W
Power 4x12V (24V) = 200Ahr
Run Time 3.50 Hrs
Traction Drive 250 W
Scrub Width 650mm
2x330 mm
Speed 200 rpm
Weight 240 kg
Size 1430x1200x970mm