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The TTB4552S mid range twin brush machine takes one half of its design from the 3450/4500 series with its stainless steel chassis, polyurethane wheels, floating nozzle and built-in charging system, ABP system - the unique patented Adjustable Brush Pressure system, but to this we have added the twin motored, twin brush power head which virtually doubles the working weight that is available on the floor surface. It is a little like taking a car with a 4 cylinder engine and swapping it for a V8! The power is exactly where you need it and ideally suited to the more arduous applications. The full 100A/hr battery system ensures a good operating range, and with a full 40-litre capacity and 55cm cleaning path provides excellent performance. The TTB4452S really does pack more innovation, performance and usability into one machine than most.

Specifications TTB4552S

Brush Motor Power 2x24V 400 W
Vacuum Motor Power 24V 400 W
Power 2x12V (24V) 100Ahr
Run Time 2.25 Hrs
Deck Size 550mm
2x280 mm
Speed 120 rpm
Capacity 40 L
Weight 126 kg
Size 1150x1030x850mm