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The TTB-4550 is one size up from the 3450 model, with a 331/3% increase in capacity to 40-litres and a 20% increase in cleaning path. TTB4550S

As a single brush machine the 55cm/20” unit has been our most popular cable model and to support customers’ demand, we have introduced two battery versions, one with and one without traction drive. Both models incorporate our fully sealed 100 Ahr gel battery pack and integrated charger system. Both 4550’s are true workhorses providing exceptional efficiency, easy operation and stable handling wherever they are used.

Like most models within the Twintec range, the 4550 is based on a full stainless steel chassis, uses our uprated Vario-plus brush drive, TwinFlo suction system, heavy duty polyform water tanks, aluminium semi-parabolic, high efficiency suction nozzle and fully adjustable handle system incorporating the full control centre.

The TTB-4550 is a perfect example of a time-tested Numatic design, utilizing well proven components, developed and produced to provide long, reliable service life and total customer satisfaction.


Brush Motor Power 24V 400 W
Vacuum Motor Power 24V 400 W
Power 2x12V (24V) 100Ahr
Run Time 2.25 Hrs
Deck Size 550 mm
Speed 110 rpm
Capacity 40 L
Weight 154 kg
Size 1047x1284x550mm