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The Twintec battery machine introduces the words '24V freedom' into the cleaning vocabulary. The TTB3450T model has twin 15-litre dirty water tanks that can easily be lifted on or off allowing ease of emptying in difficult situations. An immense amount of thought has gone into making a machine that is so simple to use, simple to fill, simple to empty, simple to move, simple to charge, simple to transport and simple to service ...and it's all this simplicity that produces superb cost effective results. The machine is bristling with unique features but to these have been added our new ABP system, the unique patented Adjustable Brush Pressure system that allows power head performance to be varied to suit different floor conditions and requirements.

Specifications TTB3450T

Brush Motor Power 24V 400 W
Vacuum Motor Power 24V 400 W
Power 2x12V (24V) 100Ahr
Run Time 2.25 Hrs
Deck Size 450 mm
Speed 120 rpm
Capacity 30 L
Weight 122 kg
Size 1150x1030x740mm