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NuSpeed NRL1500

When it comes to large areas of floor maintenance or restoration there is no substitute for both size and weight. NRL1500

The NRL uses a range of 550mm brushes or 500mm floor pads and is supplied as standard in a 40kg specification and fitted with the Automatic Torque Control System designed to give constant performance under even the most arduous conditions.

In the standard 150rpm specification the NRL is a genuine ‘workhorse’ which, by virtue of its size, weight and drive system, will exhibit excellent handling characteristics in the majority of applications.

The Nuspeed series is now equipped as standard with performance enhancing “A.T.C”, Automatic Torque Control. A unique system that monitors operation and boosts torque, as required, to provide consistent performance under varying load conditions.

The ‘snap-on’ 10kg standard weight can be easily removed, and replaced as required to suit various applications.

Fast and user friendly like never before.

Specifications for this Floor Machine:

Motor Power 1500 W
Pad Size 500 mm
Brush 550 mm
Power 230V AC 50Hz
Speed 150 rpm
Vacuum Optional DT130
Range 32 m
Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 1250 x 610 x 540mm