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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Why using green / eco chemicals are good for the environment

The use of environmentally friendly chemicals is becoming increasingly popular as the drive for a cleaner and more ecologically minded society increases. The use of “green” chemicals not only has a positive effect on our environment but also on our health in general. Shocking statistics show that only a meagre ten per-cent of the massive 35,000 pesticides introduced since 1945 have been tested for their effects on humans. Modern society today remains unaware of the potential dangers that reside from such manufactured products. The purchase of such ‘green products’ is thus highly advantageous.

The “greenhouse” effect is a highly controversial subject in the media today with numerous eco activists gaining more and more recognition for their efforts in highlighting the problems we have created for our planet. Since the industrial revolution we have manufactured and distributed environmentally harmful products that have in turn damaged the ozone layer. However, our fuel consumption has continued to increase despite the fact that our awareness of potentially catastrophic events has been heightened.

It is widely recognised that the key to solving the masses of environmental issues that occur today begins at home. The purchase of natural products promotes both a healthy lifestyle and a cleaner environment. The manufacture of eco products creates minimal damage to our atmosphere due to the natural, organic nature of their components. Biodegradable packaging is often used for eco products which dramatically reduces waste.

The majority of the household products and chemicals we use emit poisonous toxins into the air every time we use them; such products are inclusive of bleach, floor cleaners, aerosols and pesticides to name just a few. These toxins not only harm our atmosphere - and potentially our lungs - but they may even penetrate the clothes we wear and contaminate the food we consume. Eco friendly products ensure that the risk and harm to both the environment and our health in general is dramatically reduced.

Alarming statistics show that thousands of people suffer every year from exposure to chemical waste. Natural, eco products are made entirely of organic components that remain safe through the manufacturing stages right through to consumption. Whereas toxic products are both hazardous and time consuming to dispose of, eco friendly products are easily recycled, ready for reuse.

The health of the environment has a direct impact on our health and the well being of generations to come. We must act now and the simplest, most effective ways to do so are to change our shopping habits, opting for “green” products as opposed to those that are toxic or otherwise hazardous.

As Mahatma Gandhi once stated: ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’.