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Green Kleen

The greenest way to clean anything!

All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser. Green Kleen is environmentally-friendly and is safe to use on any washable surface including: autos; waste containers; carpets; machinery; porcelain; tiles; marble; all metals; painted surfaces; leather and more!

Green Kleen can be also be used on all floor surfaces. Green Kleen super concentrated cleaner has been formulated to replace hazardous cleaning systems and solvents that threaten the environment. Additionally Green Kleen looks after the health of its users and bystanders.


Green Kleen is non-Toxic and 100% biodegradable. It is 100% Water Soluble and non caustic.

Other attributes include:

  • No VOCs; non-corrosive; non-allergenic; no carcinogenic materials; Neutral pH; No fumes or odours.
  • Does not contain harmful Bleach or Ammonia; Butyl; Acids or Alkalis. No Glycol Ethers or Phosphates.


  • Effective for removing oil, grease, light carbon, graphite, fuel/oil spills, smoke/soot, stubborn soil, lubricating compounds and more.
  • Leaves a residue-free surface for welding, plating, or painting
  • Versatile; Cleans any washable surface or fabric.

Green Kleen can be used with all types of application equipment!

Including: Mop and bucket; pump sprayer; pressure washer; steam cleaners; dip tanks; ultra-sonic tanks; and more.


  • The only degreaser in the world with Green Seal Certification for Degreasing (GS-34).
  • Certified as Clean Air Solvent by Air Quality Management District.
  • Meets or exceeds guidelines of EPA, OSHA, USDA.
  • Safe for use by people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
  • Safe for use with food service equipment –NSA Certified
  • Will not irritate skin, eyes, or lungs.
  • Safe for people, animals, or plants

If you wish to view the MSDS data, enter your details on our downloads page.