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Microfibre Sponge

MELA - MITE FOAM SPONGE 140mm x 70mm x 20 mm

The magic sponge gets rid of flaws, staining and hard-to-shift marks without the need for scouring or chemicals.

It's the ideal multi-surface cleaner and not just for floors. It's safe for glass, ceramics, laminates and plastics.

This lightweight cleaning pad has such a fine cell structure it makes easy work of removing dirt and stains from almost any non porous surface.

Use it in bathrooms, kitchens - anywhere you can think of.

It’s environmentally friendly too.

When finished rinse under water and allow to dry.

So go on - clean those flaws!


  • Super effective at shifting scuff marks from the floor, lime scale from taps, crayon marks on walls and burnt food from pots and pans.
  • Use on tiles, paintwork, bathrooms, and kitchen surfaces.
  • Great for sinks, showers, baths, worktops, alloys, windows, hobs, tiles. Remove scuffs / crayon marks from walls and floors.
  • Great for removing dirt / flies from plastic car bumpers.
  • Also great for soaking up spills due to the sponges excellent absorption properties.
  • Can be used in the home or office:

  • Kitchen: Greasy pans/lime scale stains on cooker, sinks, cutlery, ceramic wall and floor tiles
  • Bathroom: Washbasins, baths and showers, chrome-plated taps, soiled ceramic tile grouting.
  • Home: Alloy and upvc window frames & sills.
  • Car & boat: insect removal from windscreens, wiper blades, alloy wheels
  • Office: Computers & keyboard, fax machines, desktops.
  • Felt tip marks on glass surfaces.
  • If you wish to view the MSDS data, enter your details on our downloads page.