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Green Glass

Environmentally Friendly Non-Toxic Glass Cleaner for Leisure and Commercial use Green Glass

Over the years as we develop new Eco-Friendly products, we always ask our customers not only what they think of our products but ways in which we may improve them. We also love it when we are asked to create specific new products to circumvent current environmental issues with other cleaning products already available on the market.

One issue that we have been pleased to develop a cleaning product to address is the problem of many window cleaning sprays - not only for the effect they have on our planet, but also the effect they have on us personally.

Glycol Ethers - which are used in a variety of products, such as rust-removing liquids and varnish removers - are used in many of the present window cleaners.

Ammonia is another product often found in window cleaners. Inhaling ammonia or getting the solution on your skin can cause burning, fainting, or even in drastic instances death, so always use extreme caution when handling this chemical, if indeed you need to handle it at all.

Often you will also find VOC's (volatile organic compounds) in many window cleaners.


Not Green Glass from AD Goddard!

Consider the type of product that you as a business owner would prefer to use, or think of whether you would prefer your staff to be using a safer product to clean windows and doors.

Green Glass will perform better, is safer to work with, easier on your finances and better for our planet.

Green Glass Cleaner - See a Brighter World!

  • Formulated without solvents, glycol ethers or ammonia
  • Zero VOCs
  • Green environmental profile
  • Readily biodegradable as per OECD 301E
  • Passes current green seal protocols
  • Fast evaporating & streak-free
  • Lower cost per litre than many harsh window cleaners and more effective
  • Virtually no odour
  • Safe on plastics
  • Green Glass Cleaner is available in 5lt - 25lt & 208 litre drums (1 litre bottles available on special order)

    If you wish to view the MSDS data, enter your details on our downloads page.