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Eco Floor Cleaner Unisource Eco Floor Cleaner

Bio-Degradable - Non Toxic - Non Caustic - Non-Flammable - Non-Hazardous - 100% Water Soluble - pH Neutral (7.3) - Non-Corrosive - Non-slip - Deodorises - Eliminates stripping - Reduces recoating - Conditions - Prevents build-up - Cleans - Protects - Shines


Unisource eliminates many hazardous chemicals used in floor maintenance. Unisource cleaner and polisher is made of 100% natural ingredients. Primarily, it is comprised of natural potash soap made from highly refined vegetable oils and fortified with natural distilled pine oil. Some of Unisource’s properties include: Totally biodegradable, safe to use-non toxic, completely soluble in water (mixes easily). It has a fresh pine or lemon scent, neutral 7.3 pH factor (±.03), and is made of pure pine vegetable soaps.

Non-Flammable and non-slip, Unisource is not harmful to people, animals or plants.

These unique characteristics make Unisource an extremely safe product without compromising on quality or effectiveness. This product has a proven performance record, substantiated by thousands of testimonials. Used extensively in schools, hospitals, auto and industrial plants, office buildings and institutions; Unisource is recognized as the most effective and economical cleaner and polish in the cleaning industry today.

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