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About Us

A.D.GODDARD Overview

Douglas Goddard, MBA. Founder Of AD Goddard

Having completed an MBA at the University of Toronto in 1977, he established a leading Chemical Research and Production Company covering Eastern Canada. This specialised in creating a range of ecological detergents for industry.

After selling the Company, and having Canadian and British citizenship, Doug moved to the UK with his British born wife. Here he started A.D.GODDARD and began to produce “GREEN” janitorial products for commercial and domestic use. Unfortunately at that time everyone was still using nasty cleaning products and for Doug to introduce his “GREEN FORMULATIONS” was not an easy task.

As the government and the general public became aware of the environmental issues these other products caused, his business started to grow.

Being an innovator is an uphill struggle, but now people realize the consequences of the nasty products that are out there, our business has grown, and other chemical companies that have become aware of the environmental issues they caused, no matter how slowly, they too have also started to produce green products.

Doug has been active in other areas as well, creating joint ventures between Korean and Mexican Corporations and Canadian and Korean Corporations.

We now produce an eco cleaning range that is utilised in the London Underground. Tube Lines and ISS are also regular customers, as they too are aware of the commitment we all need to make to help keep our environment safe and clean for future generations. As a proud granddad myself it is very important to help save the planet for my granddaughter and her children.

We have just launched a complete line for wood treatments, (as well as necessary accessories) and have endeavored to lower VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and carcinogens to an acceptable level, or leave them out entirely where formulations and active ingredients allow.


Unit 3, Henderson Business Centre
45 Ivy Road, Norwich


During the next six months, A.D.GODDARD will be expanding their operations to include, increasing their sale force, expanding the current product line to include green marine products, moving office and manufacturing facilities to larger premises.