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Everyday Eco

Green Daily Activity

Five eco friendly things we can do everyday ...

  1. The simplest things, such as switching the lights off when we leave a room, make huge differences to the state of our environment. Many people are opting for energy saving light bulbs as opposed to ordinary light bulbs in their bid to ensure they do their bit for the environment. Energy saving light bulbs use around 80% less electricity than the ordinary bulb. Research has shown that we can save around 3.9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and £1 billion every year simply by switching to a more energy efficient bulb!

  2. A five minute shower instead of having a bath can save up to 50 litres of water every time by using only one third of the water, according to the Environment Agency. Not only is showering much more eco friendly than having a regular bath but is also much more cost effective. Of course there are exceptions due to several different variables such as power showers and shower duration; as a general thought however, showering conserves much more energy and saves the pennies too!

  3. Switching to 30 instead of 60 degrees on our washing machines can save enough carbon dioxide to fill four million double-decker buses (according to detergent manufacturer Ariel). Not only does switching to 30 save around 45kg of C02 emissions per household per annum but it can also save us around £10 every year. Washing machines are a large contributing factor to energy waste per household due to the electricity needed to both heat and cool the water inside the machine itself. Be sure to save the environment and your cash by simply switching to 30.

  4. Eco friendly laundry detergents are now freely available in our supermarkets and can make a big impact both on our bodies and the planet. These organic detergents are becoming increasingly popular and cost almost the same as more conventional - and potentially damaging - brands. Brands of detergent that are not eco friendly not only harm the environment but may also irritate the skin and trigger allergies, particularly in those with sensitive skin. Natural detergents are made from organic ingredients that both smell fresh and feel soft on the skin. Small changes such as these can also make huge changes to the rapidly deteriorating state of the environment.

  5. Ranges of eco friendly household cleaning products are becoming ever more popular and readily available. From multi-purpose surface sprays to disinfectants and even bin liners, such ranges allow for an environmentally friendly and eco- conscious lifestyle. Such products are made from sustainable and recycled ingredients, helping to preserve the beauty of the earth. Natural cleaning products ensure a healthier household with cleaner air improving both sleep and concentration. The purchase of such recyclable products ensures that the need for land fill space is lessened and the earth’s precious resources are protected.

As Mahatma Gandhi once stated: ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’.