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Traction Plus

Don’t slip over in the bath or shower again! Traction Plus

Now you can make those slippery bathtubs, showers and most all other existing concrete, stone & porcelain surfaces safer when wet. A tested and proven treatment that reacts with water to dramatically increase friction for a safe, sure footing that is formulated to be effective under all weather conditions both indoors and outdoors.

With one simple application you and your family can be protected from slip/fall accidents. Will not yellow or discolour. Effective on baths, tiled showers, quarry, brick, terracotta, satillo, terrazzo and ceramic tiles, concrete walkways, cool decking around swimming pools, driveways, steps, paths, entryways and garages as well as almost all stone and masonry surfaces.

Environmentaly friendly

Don’t you owe it to yourself, your family, your guests and the other people you care for to look into The Traction Plus Solution?
The Solution is Traction Plus, a chemical process (not a coating) that makes floors, tubs and showers slip safe.

The Product

Traction Plus Anti-Slip Solution reduces the risk and dangers of slip/falls and the resulting potential of personal injury; lawsuits, litigation cost, and employee days lost and increased insurance cost. Traction Plus Anti-Slip Solution is POSITIVE, proven safety solution for owners of residential and commercial properties and facilities. When surfaces become wet or moist, those surfaces are automatically slip resistant when treated with Traction Plus Anti-Slip Solution.
Traction Plus Anti-Slip Solution can be used on almost all hard surfaces, such as ceramic tile, marble, polished stone, terrazzo, concrete, quarry tile, bathtubs and showers.
We are always reminded of the slip/fall problem, when we see pictures of signs CAUTION – SLIPPERY WHEN WET. We also know that wet shower tiles and slippery bathtubs are common. What might surprise you is that there is an inexpensive, effective solution to this “age old problem”.


  1. Clean the area to be treated as you normally would. Traction Plus Anti-Slip Solution also cleans, so deep cleaning is not necessary.
  2. Open the bottle of Traction Plus Anti-Slip Solution, and pour the appropriate amount of Traction Plus for the surface you are covering.
  3. How much you need to cover your surface:
    Small applications - bath or shower tray - 200ml
  4. Soak a CLEAN sponge in Traction Plus Anti-Slip Solution. No gloves or special tools are needed
    Traction Plus Anti-Slip Solution has acidity no stonger than ordinary vinegar.
  5. Apply Traction Plus Anti-Slip Solution to surface being treated, making sure to keep surface and covering entire surface.
  6. Cover only the amount of area that can be covered and remain wet.
  7. Scrub area treated every 5 minutes with sponge and leave on surface for a total of 20 minutes.
    There may be a slight foamy residue left after applying Traction Plus. Be sure to remove this residue with water.

Congratulations! Your surface is now treated with Traction Plus. Clean the surface periodically with clean cloth as you normally would, but DO NOT WAX surface. Wax will fill in the microscopic treads in Traction Plus and reduce its effectiveness.

One litre treats approximately 2 / 4.5 sq. meters.



If you wish to view the MSDS data, enter your details on our downloads page.