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Resin Floor Safe

Resin Floor Safe is ideally suited for treating new floors but can be used as top coat on previously finished floors providing the surface must be scarified with 100 or 120 or 150 grit to give the resin floor a key and cleaned again prior to application.

Machine mixing is required to give a uniform result.

Resin Floor Safe is fast curing two component water based polyurethane top-coat designed specifically for internal resin floors in the licensed trade or any area where water or dampness may create a slippery surface on the floor or spillages may occur (rainwater, soft drinks, beer, water etc). Also ideally suitable for any resin floor where it is essential that the risk of slipping must be kept to an absolute minimum, e.g. stairs, ramps, etc.

Resin Floor Safe can also be used on floors in public areas, such as transport terminals, where rainwater may enter frequently on foot traffic and liquid spillages occur.

Please note that initial tests should be carried out to prior to full use of the product to ensure compatibility on the chosen floor surface, e.g. vinyl, linoleum, etc.

Resin Floor Safe offers the following benefits:

Complies to HSE anti-slip requirements for wet conditions
Clear formula ~ does not change the appearance of your floor
Very hardwearing ~ offering excellent durability
Fast drying ~ approximately 1 – 2 hours (subject to site conditions)
UV Stable ~ will not yellow on exposure to sunlight
Good surface adhesion ~ can be used to overcoat most floor finishes
Easy to apply ~ two components mix together easily and quickly

Pack size is 4.5 litre + hardener.

Coverage Approx. 60sm per container

Directions for use:

Add the contents of the hardener bottle directly to this container and mix thoroughly using an electric mixer.

Use immediately and use all the container within three hours, re-mixing before use.

Product should not be used in temperatures less than 10 degrees Celsius. This product is for use as an anti-slip top-coat and will also seal a resin floor... In all cases make sure the floor is clean, dry and free from contamination prior to application. Mix the resin and hardener thoroughly using an electric hand mixer (do not mix by hand) and allow to stand for approximately one minute prior to application. Apply RESIN FLOOR SAFE evenly using a suitable applicator, taking care to avoid puddles or ridges. It is suggested that a fresh applicator pad is used for each application to avoid transference of partially cured material. When 1st coat is dry, approximately 1 – 2 hours, apply a subsequent coat if necessary... When final coat has been applied, the surface should be allowed to cure for 12 hours (subject to site conditions) prior to commencement of light traffic. The product will continue to cure for 72 hours.

Specification: Maximum 2 coats, 1 coat is usually sufficient.

Coverage: For best results should be approximately 12 metres square per litre. This coverage is offered as a guide only.

Pot Life: Approximately 3 hours when mixed. Do not use after this period.

Keep out of reach of children.


The maintenance program below will help ensure the surface of the coated floor will remain in optimum anti-slip condition for as long as possible.

DAILY - Sweep to remove larger debris from surface. Vacuum to remove finer dust and debris.

WEEKLY - Damp mop surface using A.D.GODDARD’s GREEN KLEEN following dilution rates as suggested on the container.

MONTHLY - Machine scrub surface using GREEN KLEEN in conjunction with rotary floor cleaning machine. It is strongly recommended that a brush attachment is fitted to the machine to help prolong the life of the coating and to reduce the chance of the machine ‘stalling’. It is also highly recommended that a ‘wet-vacuum’ machine is used to remove the resultant slurry from the surface once the floor area has been scrubbed.

Please note that for large floor areas, the use of a scrubber/dryer machine is strongly recommended.


Recoating of the surface using Resin Floor Safe will be required. For free of charge advice regarding this procedure, please contact us on 01603 424125.


The information provided within this complete data sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge. No liability for any errors or opinions is accepted. You should satisfy yourself before applying any of the information contained herein to your particular circumstances. A.D.GODDARD can accept no responsibility for any loss as a result of any person placing reliance on any information contained herein.

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